Track your finance with Akche

simple yet powerfull

Easy to use

Keep track of your income or expense records, transfer your assets between accounts.

Instant reporting

View your total incomes and expenses on a beautifully designed pie chart.

Designed for Windows Phone


Add accounts as many as you can. Transfer between accounts. Analyze your financial status


Tag your income and expense records and see where your money goes. Plan your spendings


Don't get confused with complicated reports. Akche gives you the best reporting options


Protect your accounts with security options and beautifuly crafted passcode page.


You can add reminders and never miss any of your payments again.

Live Tiles

You can pin any of your account and see your budget right in your start screen with transparent live tiles

You can easily track your financial status with Akche. Track your income and expense, transfer between accounts, daily, weekly, monthly reports with beatiful reporting engine.

You can create unlimited accounts and track your money, transfer between accounts and get reported.

Tag your transactions with tag system and know where your money comes from and identify your expenses.

Now you can protect your accounts with security options and beatifully crafted passcode page. Akche also supports fast resume with the [Back] key.


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